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Custom Formulations for Precise Dosage

Custom compounds combine, mix, or alter the ingredients of a drug to create a medication for a specific case. All Professional Pharmacy Resources custom formulations adhere precisely to the veterinary prescription, with licensed pharmacists responsible for creating each mediation. Compounded medication may involve preparing suspensions from crushed tablets, adding flavoring to a drug and other processes to make dosing easier on owners and pets.

Flavoring Compounds to Increase Compliance

To make medications more palatable, Professional Pharmacy Resources can add a variety of flavors. When a pet more readily accepts a medication, its owners can more readily comply with prescribed dosage schedules.

Discontinued and Back-ordered Medications to Provide Treatment Consistency

When an ordinarily available medication is discontinued, in short supply, or backordered, shortages can threaten a pet’s optimal treatment. Professional Pharmacy Resources can compound an alternative to meet your pet’s needs in order for treatment to continue without interruption.

Dosage Forms That Meet Varying Needs

To provide flexibility in administering drugs to pets, Professional Pharmacy Resources offers a variety of formulations that include transdermal gels, flavored tablets, rapid-dissolving tablets, flavored soft chews, topical ointments, capsules, and other dosage forms.

Common Compounds

Professional Pharmacy Resources can compound prescriptions in a range of dosage forms and strengths.

Review our list of common compounds — just a sample of possible formulations.